JAZ-ZUBIAURRE S.A. has specialized in the manufacturing and selling of wire brushes for surface treatment since 1924 and we are focused on distributing our products in the industrial/professional and D.I.Y. markets. We are the clear market leader in the Spanish market and we export most of our production to 65 countries worldwide, with a special activity in the USA where we operate through our subsidiary company JAZ USA, Inc.


The vision of JAZ-ZUBIAURRE, S.A. staff is the improvement of our competitiveness through our teamwork in quality, productivity and innovation. We are widely known and recognized in the brush manufacturing sector and in the recent years we have launched worldwide novelties as the BS brushes for rotating parts, the Control Brushes, the Protective Guarded Brushes, the Laminated Brushes and the multi-threaded nut, as well as improvements in materials, products and processes.


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